Final assignment
(paper or video essay) // revised

The final assignment is a critical analysis of a social media platform, application, practice and/or product and its relationship to online video practices.

You should pick a topic that you would like to know more about and directly relevant to the course.

Please revise the detailed rubric here.

This assignment will be divided in three parts:

Proposal (10%)
A one-page summary outlining your chosen object and the angle from which you will examine it. This summary has to include the bibliographic references you want to include in your essay, explaining why they are pertinent for sustaining your argument.
Due: March 6

Presentation (15%)
In one of the last two sessions of the class you will have 10 minutes to present your work, outlining your main questions and arguments. Due: April 14 //TBC

By March 27, you should post a status update of your revised proposal on the website (your proposal after receiving feedback). You will also need to schedule a 20’ online meeting with me to discuss it (email me for arranging it).

If you determine that you cannot do this for any reason, please get in touch with me as soon as possible to work out an alternate arrangement.

Paper/Video essay(15%)
For the paper: no less than 2000 1500 words, 7 5 references minimum, 10 8 in-text citations minimum (at least 2 4 academic references). For the video essay: written component of no less than 1000 500 words, 3 2 references minimum, 5 3 in-text citations minimum (at least 2 1 academic reference). 5’-10’ Video. Due: April 17

Glossary entry

You have to choose a term from this list and prepare an entry for the website based on it. It is not just a definition: you have to investigate and reflect on the term and contribute to the discussion in your own way.

Different (digital) formats are possible for this assignment:

  • a 3′-5′ video
  • a 3-5 page essay


  • presentation: 25%
  • comprehension: 25%
  • engagement: 25%
  • formal aspects: 25%

January 31:
1/2 page proposal

February 21:


We will make a digital publication out of the entries later on.